The Journey

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It was quite a long journey to find this degree and get as far as I am in school. I started off going away to a private school up north and attempting to get a degree in graphic design. These classes consisted of a lot of drawing and painting on canvas. While at school I had a bad experience with a roommate to the point I had to leave the school. My parents came and got me and I didn’t return for the 2nd semester. After a while, I realized how talented other people were and felt this career was not for me. I then went and got a job so I can go to community college and pay for my courses. I stayed there for almost a year and a half. I then moved to Texas and started at a community college again because I had to live here for a year so I can be qualified as an In-state student. Also found out that Texas educational system was different than where I was from. In that case, basically, my last 2.5-3 years were pointless because they didn’t transfer the credits. I then transferred to the University of Houston thinking I wanted to pursue Digital Media. However, one summer I ended up seeing a film set and watching how it moved. I changed my degree plan again to media production and now I’m finally a senior after 6 years to get a bachelor’s degree.

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