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Hi 4381 Productions! So this is kind of the continue of the blog I shared last week. This blog is about how any international students and I who are studying in foreign countries feel when this time of the year.

There are many international students who live far away from their hometowns are very lucky because they can come back to their homeland every year for Tet. However, there are also many students who, after years away from home, still cannot celebrate Tet with their family since the pandemic. And neither can I.

Lunar New Year is coming next week! These are probably the most meaningful family reunification days. The whole family buys and prepares to welcome a full and bustling Tet. Tet is an opportunity for us who study abroad away from home to return home, reunite with their parentsrelatives and fully enjoy the warm family atmosphere. But also because of many reasons such as poor studies, remote roads, visa problems,… That many international students cannot return to celebrate Tet.

As international students in general, me in particular, they can only go to social networks and read newspapers to see the bustling shopping atmosphere, how traditional dishes are prepared. But they just watch, look, don’t touch, don’t enjoy; therefore, Tet becomes more and more lonely and homesickness becomes more intense.

When we study abroad, we often make many friends, including many friends from the same hometown through the Vietnamese student community. When Tet comes, who cannot not go home, we often gather to eat and drink with friends to forget homesickness. However, the family‘s cozy space, being gathered together with the family meal at the end of the yearis the nostalgia that cannot be abated. All we can do is make phone calls, video to chat with family, but cannot meet face to face.

In the age of information technology development, just press the phone button to “meet” to wish family New Year and talk with relatives. But according to most of us, we feel this is not “real” at all. They want to be able to celebrate Tet with their parents, visit grandparents and relatives and enjoy the full Tet with their families.

Hopefully, despite celebrating Tet in a foreign country, I always remember my homeland. My family and that nostalgia will become the motivation for me to try to study well, not to disappoint my parents and become talents contribute to the future. 

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