I Feel Like A Kid Again

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When I was a young boy, my mother bought me my first camera. I was about six or seven and was living in Philadelphia at the time and back then we all loved this hit new craze from Japan, Pokemon. The camera sported the iconic character Pikachu as it main draw but the cool thing was when you popped the film out of the camera (Did I just age myself? Fuck it.) you could get it developed at the local CVS and the prints would have their own frame on them with other iconic Pokemon such as Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Metapod (best Pokemon don’t @ me). I had just finished no-lifing my favorite N64 games Pokemon Snap which was game where you would go around snapping pictures of Pokemon and some crusty old fart would rate you on your composition. So needless to say when my Ma plopped this bad boy into my hands I was zooming out the front door and out into the yard to fill up my roll of film of useless shots of whatever I could point and shoot, at things like: a tree, a bird in the tree, the rock that I tripped over every time I would play in the yard, the local school bully walking by my house flipping me the bird…ah yes it is coming back to me now. Sweet. Sweet. Memories.



My first Camera

When I was growing up we didn’t really have the money to buy a lot of fancy equipment, but when I finally did become and adult and got my hands on this wonderful thing called “Adult money” which is the same as non-adult money, but you don’t have to worry about people bugging you about what you spend it on. SOOOOO I decided to pick up the Panasonic G7 Mirrorless DSLR as an investment into my career.


So like before, when it came I was zooming as fast as a bionic man can zoom out my back door to fill up my 32GB SD card with useless shots and see which ones I liked, and that brings us to these 6shots I thought really turned out nice.

Credit to Zoey my patient model.

This it what I call “The Camo Bot” collaborative piece my mother and I did where we gathered items people where putting out for Bulk Garbage Day and we turned it into this. His base is a tire strapped to an old lawnmower that I removed the engine to make look like a Tank. It was a nice Mothers Day activity that we did during quarantine when she was stuck with me during the lock down.



A close up of “The Camo Bot”

The tired Zoey who is done with all this chicanery.

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