Cory Henry, Giant Steps

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I want to share an artist that I really appreciate. I have a huge love for music, especially jazz and R&B. Although I can’t say I know every artist I enjoy today’s music and what they’ve brought into the scene because of legends like John Coltrane.

I think besides “My Favorite Things,” Coltrane is widely known for “Giant Steps.” If someone even mentions his name I automatically feel the need to play it, and luckily for me, my significant other plays the piano. He is the main reason I’ve come to love jazz and music is our bond overall. I can’t wait to showcase what I’m working on for both Song Story and (e)Motions because music is so inspiring to work with when telling a story and adding to the visual elements.

I’ve included both the original song by Coltrane as well as Cory Henry’s rendition of “Giant Steps” up above.  It’s just so smooth and I love the build and energy. If you’re ever in the need for inspirational background music while editing, jazz artists such as Robert Glasper and Snarky Puppy are pretty good to listen to.


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