Sans Soleil

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I’m going to talk about my experience with the film Sans Soleil. Chris Marker directed, photographed, wrote, and edited the movie. Narrated by a woman reading the letters of a seasoned traveler. The film mostly covers Japan and West Africa. What I respected about the film was the transitions between shots visually and auditory. The voice-over itself was beautifully composed, making it easier to transition between locations. I saw a world that was familiar to me but was different. An intimate world and I was the one invading it. The film allows you to be submerged by the environment by the sounds and sequence of shots that followed. Of course, it reminded you that you don’t belong here with the usage of audio. A cybernetic sound was played throughout the film randomly.

One of the first lines of the film’, “After circling the globe, only banality still interested me.” truly made me feel that after finishing the film. The only things that I profoundly remember were the simple images of those children shown in both the beginning and the ending of the film. Also the statue of Hachikō, a Japanese dog that waited for his owner 9 years after his death. Of course, there are outliers like the segment about Japanese horror films that weirded me out. It was probably not a good thing to watch the movie at midnight, but it allowed me the opportunity to go on a trip without taking any substance. Including the unexpected giraffe death, it took me a second to comprehend what was happening until the second shot solidified my curiosity.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of information in such a short time. It took time to digest it. I probably fell asleep past three in the morning. It made me reflect on why those scenes stuck in my mind and the power of memories. I’m planning to go somewhere and put random music and see how it impacts my perspective. Including, taking time to reflect on how it impacts my impressions that would turn into memories.


Jesus Castillo Jr.

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