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“Here we are” which is something I catch myself saying all the time. Its honestly crazy how last time I was in a class like this it was Spring 2019- right before Covid hit. Single-Cam was a whirlwind while we tried to get our films together right at the brink of Spring Break.

Trust me, A LOT has happened since then and I am pretty sure the old B is gone. Some may count the pandemic as a blessing in disguise of the worst thing to happen to them… honestly to this day I still do not know what I considered it given the fact that I came out of that horrid summer a completely new person. Houk, if you are reading this, we may know that I was with someone. Well, onceuponatime, he showed his true colors and left in May. And, without going into detail, this caused me to reflect on the relationship and what I discovered was traumatizing.

So what’s a girl to do when she is brutally dumped in the middle of a pandemic, and can’t access Disney as her escape? Get spiritual.

Also LOTS of retail therapy- which I highly recommend.

Instead of sitting back and crying, which one does and I will admit I did this a lot, I knew I had to suck it up and simply DO something about it. I meditated, made a journal full of shadow workings, had tarot readings, got a job and internship, created new hobbies, met so many amazing people, had mini photoshoots with a close friend to help my shattered confidence, and my personal favorite: finally started that Disney Blog I always wanted.

In a sense I want to say I came out a more mature and “let me put my foot down and speak up more” types of person due to certain circumstances. I am incredibly happy about that. I get to smile again and start new projects (one in development!), talk to my friends whenever I want, and simply be the best version of myself. I cannot wait to grow more and see what projects I produce and how far I’ll go in this industry/ process.

So, here we are.

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