Lunar New Year!

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Hi 4381, I hope you and your family are doing great and safe!

So, today I’d like to tell you guys about my Traditional Holiday in Vietnam since it almost happens!

In a year there are many important events taking place. However, one of the most significant holidays in Vietnam is Lunar New Year. Wherever they go, every Vietnamese person cannot forget the traditional Tet holiday of the nation.

The Lunar New Year actually originated in China during the Three Huang Dynasty and is celebrated in January every year.

For Vietnamese, Tet usually takes place in three main days, but a week before, people have been busy shopping for Tet. The men in the family will paint and redecorate the house to welcome the new year. As for the women, they take care of organizing the purchase and sale of necessary food items and utensils for a few days of Tet. The typical flower that Northern people play Tet is peach blossom, while Southern people prefer apricot blossom. Five fruit trays are also an indispensable decoration of Vietnamese peopleThis is also the difference between the North and the South.

The customs of traditional New Year’s Day in Vietnam are extremely rich. Which is to wish New Year; lucky money, display a five-fruit tray, grow a tree, pack a “Banh Chung“, hang a puzzle All make up the cultural beauty of Vietnamese New Year’s Day.

When Tet comes, people abstain from anger, quarreling, sweeping the house – fearing to bring the omen, lose fortune and lose fortune in the new year. We use this as an opportunity for people to forgive, heal, and redeem for the misfortunes that happened in the old year. Tet holidays of the Vietnamese people have many special meanings. Tet is the time when all families get together and gather together. It is also the time when everyone looks back on the old year and wishes for a new year to come. Tet helps people get closer, get closer together, forgive and forgive each other’s mistakesTherefore, who does not remember Tet, does not look forward to Tet.!

All in all, each ethnic group or a country has its own customs and practices. The Vietnamese Lunar New Year is a special event with a unique culture that has been passed down for centuries. Although going through a period of upheaval in history, customs have been more or less lost and mixed. Being a Vietnamese, wherever, our heart are always directed to our national roots.

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