New Year, New Mindset

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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great holiday break!

I took the time over the break to think about the upcoming semester and my overall life moving forward. It is crazy to think Covid hit last year in March.
I, like many others, did not think it would still exist up to this point. It has been hard to stay motivated and I found myself blaming a lot of situations on Covid. If I did not feel up to doing school work I would say it was because I was not at school and I needed to be because that is how I learn best. That is just one example, but mainly any negative emotions I felt towards myself or others I would say it was because I was stressed and Covid changed up my school, work or everyday life schedule.

I thought it was ok at first, but now as time has gone on and Covid is still around I realized that Covid is like any other roadblock in life. Challenges are thrown your way whether you want to deal with it or not, it’s a choice. How I react to someone or something is a choice and will change the result going forward. Instead of using Covid as an excuse, I’ve learned to perceive it as just another challenge to work my way through. It still is hard, as I know for many others will agree, but I’ve been trying to take it on day by day. It seems to be less stressful that way. I am a huge planner when it comes to anything in my life and like looking ahead. However, some things can’t be planned in advance. Covid being an example of something that came out of nowhere and changed my schedule.

A friend of mine told me, “The only constant is change.” and it’s true. As much as I’d rather have a structured life, life does not always go the way you plan.

This has definitely been a life lesson for me, and still continues to be. The people I took for granted seeing or said I was too busy to see. Having a routine and the freedom to go out. All of it was stripped away.  The best I can do is come out of this and have changed how I treat the life I was given.

This below is the last time I was together with all my family members that I have not been able to see 90% of them during this time. We are all together at our beach house and when things get back to some kind of new normal, finding time to get together again with them is definitely at the top of my list.


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  • Shari Austin

    We have been in a pandemic for almost a year now and I have recently decided to be proactive in making the most out of our current situation. So thank you for sharing this, it was very needed. Also, I hope that you will be able to see the rest of your family in the near future!

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