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Happy New Year 4381 Productions!

This year has only just begun and I have already managed to find myself busy, but it is all good, creative things.

To start it off, I wanted to give an update on my thesis. If you have been keeping up wi9th my posts, you’ll know that I have been working on a Senior Honors Thesis, which composes of a feature-length film, some preproduction package, along with a visual component, if resources and time allows. Since I have last posted about it, I have shared the first half of my screenplay with all of my committee members, each bringing their own perspectives and ideas to the project. While some did call for more drastic changes, it nonetheless reinvigorated me to get back into this project again. I now have many new ideas to add to the script, ways to focus more on the characters, and the eventual performance of this screenplay. After tossing ideas back an forth, I am now considering having a virtual table read of a scene of my screenplay as my visual component, with a peer or colleague of mine taking on the director role in guiding the actors, that way I can experience the role of the screenwriter: writing a visual and dialogistic story, letting it go, and watching it grow. While I still want to produce this film someday in the future, whether in graduate programs or as a personal project, however, I think this table read is something that will help me grow as a screenwriter.

I have also slowly started to get myself more acquainted with still photography. My confidence behind the camera has definitely grown, but I think I still have a ways to go. So these are a few pictures I took on New Year’s Day. Not amazing, but a start nonetheless.

But all in all, I am excited for what this year brings. Also, I want to say welcome to all the new members of 4381 Productions. I hope your time with 4381 serves you well as it does me and my peers.



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