Close to the End

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It has certainly been one crazy Fall season here at 4381 Productions. Somethings out of our control, somethings completely within our control, but overall, things were crazy. But crazy doesn’t necessarily mean failure.

Most people usually have a New Year’s Resolution, some specific task or goal in mind. This year, for 2020, I decided to go with a broad theme to follow rather than a specific goal. Themes can be as simple as “Year of Reading”, “Year of Health”, just vague ideas that you can follow, instead of a goal that ultimately is broken by February. For this year, I came up with the “Year of Creating”. Simply put, I dedicated this year to create more, whether it be film, writing, art, whatever. And despite the crazy, I feel like I have made this year a success.

While some projects that I am proud of, like Distillation and Door, were created before the pandemic, a large portion of my proudest work comes from right here at 4381 Productions. On the Bayou, Nightmare, Hitting the Gridiron, and now Beautiful Corpse, all of these are projects I could never dream of accomplishing a year ago. So while many things were canceled and some ideas were scrapped, I feel extremely proud of my personal growth. I hope this feeling is shared with my peers at 4381 Productions because I feel every one of us should be proud of what we made. With that being said, I am excited to see what 2021 brings, but more importantly, I’m excited to continue to create.

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