A few things to share from my time spent online

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Having a focus problem and taking classes remotely from the comfort of the dining room table, the couch, and more recently my bed, has led to some pretty unproductive days this semester. With a wandering mind and so much of the world’s knowledge literally at my fingertips, I’ve ended up with a pretty eclectic browser history. This week’s topics include: the largest living flight birds, 3D models of human anatomy via Healthline, Vedic/sidereal astrology (because western astrology hasn’t been astronomically accurate in years), and random crash course videos (I just found out they have a film production series, but haven’t checked it out yet).

Between all the scrolling, browsing, and random topics that I get sucked into during my time spent online, I found a few things I’d like to share with 4381 Productions.

Composition References

After so many Pins, my Pinterest algorithm started showing me composition tips. A lot of the content I see on Pinterest is specific to illustration but some translates nicely to film and photography. While I have learned some composition rules in class, it’s convenient to have screenshotable cheat sheets. I find these tips really helpful when I’m having trouble translating a script to the storyboard.

Here are some of the Pins I’ve found. Their original sources are linked in the attachment pages.


A YouTube Video 

In the aforementioned Pinterest composition references, the golden ratio (also called phi or fibonacci’s spiral) is frequently included. While the golden ratio gets a lot of hype, it’s reference grid kind of looks like the rule of thirds grid. Curious how much of a difference either rule made, I came across this YouTube video that puts it to the test and applies it directly to cinematography. If you’re interested but don’t want to watch all 14 minutes of the video, the description conveniently includes timestamp links to key points. 

This Film and Interior Design Blog

Film and Furniture is a UK design blog dedicated to furniture in film. Buried in the promotional tab of my gmail, I found one of their newsletters and was reminded of the site. As someone who enjoys both interior design and movies, this website is a fun place for me. 

Their content includes anything that can combine the topics of film and interior design, such as David Lynch’s furniture, references to the carpet in The Shining, and even these Polly Pockets based off of film and TV sets. Links to buy the ridiculously priced items seen in popular films are also included.

After reflecting on all the time I spend (and waste) online, I’m left with a question. What’s it called when you make one Google search but browsing leads you very far from the original topic? Is there a word for it?

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    I know I’ve heard a term for it, but I can’t put my finger on it. “Rabbit Hole” comes to mind, but I’m not sure if that’s it. Should we Google it? (Too soon?)

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