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If you read my last post, I recently wrote a short creative manifesto about my work as a screenwriter, filmmaker, and overall cinematic storyteller. This was created for a performance course project, but this idea is something I want to continue studying in my future endeavors as a filmmaker. Along with the manifesto, we also were required to make a creative project that acted as a manifestation of our manifesto. So the overachiever in me decided to create a short film. This film, entitled Escape, is a psychological, experimental film that focuses more on the character’s psyche, desires, and fears rather than their identity as a person. With the help of my girlfriend, who assisted in checking the focus, I created this short film this past weekend. I decided I wanted to make this a passion project, so I wrote, directed, acted, edited, and performed the music for this piece.

While I already presented the project for the performance class, I wanted to share it with my peers at 4381 Productions. Any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. While the video quality is not how I expected it to turn out, I am still proud of this film and had a fun time creating this.

Enjoy Escape.


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