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Growing up my favorite actor was Kevin Spacey. Seven, usual suspects, American beauty, were among the first movies I watched when I started watching movies on my own at 14, 15. After I saw him in Usual suspects I thought he was brilliant and the best actor I had seen up to  that point. Then I grow up and it turns out he’s a horrible person so now my early film memories are tainted. I still watch those movies religiously and they are obviously still great especially because he disappears into those roles and I forget that it is Kevin spacey but still there’s that lingering feeling in my head that he’s a bad person especially since he is a bad guy in all those movies. THe plot of American Beauty sure as hell doesn’t help this problem either. I just hope Brad Pitt never turns out to be a bad person.

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  • Noah Key

    It can be a difficult situation to be in. How much do we separate the artist from their art? Should we even try to separate them? A piece of the artist is always in their art, and vice versa. These are things I think we have to consider when dealing with these situations. The important thing though is being aware and having conversations about it, which is what this post does.

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