Cloudy Days

 In A thought

Trying to come up with the time to make the most out of my last semester seems nearly impossible, but I’m an overtime kind of person. If I find that there’s more I can do for the productions I’m working on I will continue them long after I watch my name roll across the screen this December. Well, hopefully not long. 

The idea is to finish what I start. Although it would be tempting to drop everything once the diploma is in hand and direct my energy toward unwinding from this year, my goal is to make it worth it. I’ve learned so much in such a short amount of time, in some ways I feel that graduation has come too soon.

Then I remember how many years it’s been and I realize I need to know what life is like outside of the kind of deadlines where the return is a capital letter (instead of a means to provide for myself). I feel incredibly unprepared for what’s to come, and closing this chapter with the cliffhanger that is covid-19 feels like a definite part of that.

As I try to take in all of the productions of the last few months I realize how great some were and how awful others were. Either way I’m eager to keep going. Not all days will be sunny. Not all productions will be perfect.

But the cloudy days make the sunny ones even more beautiful.

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