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In Rafael Elorza’s last post, he mentions a 77 hour film he did over the weekend called Four Points Film Project. This online-only global filmmaking challenge is hosted by 48 Hour Film Project and is similar in its approach.

When Rafa reached out to me to assistant direct for his group, Sunny Days, I immediately said yes.

bts of Sunny Days’ 4PFP

With 4381 Productions coming across a lot of Covidian barriers as of late, we have all had to consider how remote production could become collaborative. This forced method of creativity in which you are given a set of limitations to work with (character, occupation, prop, line of dialogue, and genre) on top of an already limiting global pandemic, has results that are quite interesting. It’s something we look to try and incorporate in 4381 Productions more.


Adrian Romero as superhero, Captain Gains

The time constraints make the experience even more thrilling and depend on a group’s ability to adapt and create within restrictions. This exercise on problem solving is exactly what we need in the environment we are in. There will always be constraints or complications that aren’t foreseen or that arise at the worst possible time (something 4381 Productions knows all too well with our switch from “Door” to “Hitting the Gridiron”). Practicing how to overcome these barriers, however, is a good way to see what happens with production and creatives when shoved in a box.

I feel that the experience I’m getting from all of these productions is very valuable. Working with people who are just as eager to create throughout all of this makes me hopeful. We are not always 100% motivated, (in fact we are often not), but we are human and these times suck. It is what has come out of these sucky times that I’m proud of, and make me want to keep working and learning.


stand-in for Adrian Romero’s character

I definitely don’t want to make it seem like these productions have been perfect. Each production has its flaws, and these are obviously no exception. However, I find that the process is still rewarding and I learn just as much, if not more, from these shortcomings.

One of the most important being that it’s more important to create than it is to be perfect (something I definitely have struggled understanding in the past).

Side note: KRH says not to work with friends on productions, but he didn’t say anything about making friends on productions. I have definitely made some friends that inspire me to create more, and Sunny Days director, Rafael, is one of those individuals.

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