Impostor Syndrome

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Being at the beginning of my career, I often feel woefully under qualified to do my job. On student productions, this isn’t so bad. I know we’re all there to learn, and if I make a mistake, it sucks but it’s not the end of the world, and hopefully I learned from it. As I’ve started getting jobs “out in the real world,” just getting paid for a job increases the pressure a lot. I am expected to already know what I am doing.

Logically, I know that some things only come with years of experience. I also know that if a production could afford someone with all those years of experience, they wouldn’t be hiring me. None of that stops me from feeling like a fraud when getting hired, even at micro budget rates.

I know that impostor syndrome is something that everyone deals with. I’ve talked to others in my field and, even those with decades of experience, feel this way sometimes. We just have to tell ourselves that we are always learning, and remember that if I got hired for this job, it’s not because I am supposed to know everything, but that I know enough to do the job well.

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  • Noah Key

    Based on a lot of the posts made recently, I think a good amount of us have experienced this feeling one time or another. I experienced it the first time a directed a theatrical play and even more so when I took on directing for our latest production. It’s something that hopefully time, communication, and learning can heal.

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