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I recently had the pleasure of working alongside a great team on a film project. For 77 hours we would write, film, edit, and submit a film that would meet the criteria provided to us. Our criteria was:

Dark Comedy/ Superhero Film

Prop: Ruler

Line of Dialogue: I thought you were leaving

Character : Lily Anderson; Mail Sorter

The overall process was amazing. We had some trouble with writing which took us much longer than we anticipated only finishing at 10am the next day. After which we began shooting and were behind schedule but finished. The next day we finished early and started editing.

It was a lovely matter of meeting the right people at the right time. I brought on people that i believed in and trusted others to recommend people. We had a small team of 8 people and if it wasn’t for Hitting the Gridiron I would not have been able to ask Angie to jump on board .

Ultimately I’m proud of my team and what we created despite the issues we faced in writing, filming or editing. I know it was stressful and having to tell people that this wouldn’t be a normal production was a little difficult but it was the truth. We would all be busting ass to get this done, and we did.

I’m especially proud of my AD Emily Frazee. I think she has grown so much since I met her, and it really showed on set.

Sometimes I would like to write more but this is a decent summary of how it went.

Image is a still of the film with Adrian Romero

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  • Kevin Reynolds

    Was this for 48 hour film? I’ve wanted to join a team for it. It sounds like a fun (but stressful) weekend. I had some production conflicts this year, so I wasn’t able to do it. Maybe next year….

    • Emily Frazee

      It is a challenge by 48 hour film, yes! https://www.48hourfilm.com/en/4pfp I would definitely love to work with you on one in the future. It’s funny, we actually mentioned you on set since we didn’t have any dedicated sound personnel (and would have really benefitted from having one).

    • Rafael Elorza

      Like Emily said, we mentioned you on set. Would definitely love to have you on when we work on another project like this. 77 is less stressful than 48 but no worries we will reach out for sure.

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