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This has happened more than once to me, but every time it hits different.

The other week I was working for an artist and I was under the impression that I wouldn’t have to put my entire back into this video. I thought it would be a simple performance piece but I was wrong. I took this as an opportunity to bust out a new piece of gear to get familiar with it. I didn’t even use my safety gear because I really wanted to force myself to learn new things.

Anyways, a week later I send my first draft to the guy and he says he’s not feeling it. Damn does it feel weird knowing someone doesn’t like what you made for them. I was shown a video that they wanted to “compete” with and it was such a huge contrast to what I was told I felt lost.

I’ve been in the middle of editing my video again, to try and save it but the difference is very clear. Instead I made a difficult phone call. I basically explained what I could do so we can move the project along and I understood what they wanted better.

While my impostor syndrome fears every video I make is garbage I don’t want to stop. Every opportunity I come across teaches me something new and I will always be grateful for them.

Picture is a still from the first shot of the video in BW.

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