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As most of you know, 4381 Productions is currently deep into production for Door, a short psychological horror film that I originally wrote last spring. I decided to take on the role of director as well, along with serving as co-producer.  While I have directed small group projects multiple times, with crews no more than 3 people, this is my first time directing a larger sized crew all within a sound studio. Oh, it’s also in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. And as the days go by, Murphy’s Law becomes more and more real. So, naturally, I am, how you say, stressed.

Now, don’t worry, this blog won’t be about my own personal emotions, but this production has highlighted some things about myself as an artist. I realize how I need to bring more confidence to my decisions. I realize how I need to communicate my ideas more clearly to my peers. I realize how I need to have more solid plans in place ahead of time.

I realize I shouldn’t be as hard on myself as I have been.

This is my first time directing. I’m still learning. It’s okay to mess up. I know this film will be shot. It will be completed one day. Not saying that I will always feel confident about this film, but I’m on my way to getting there.

In the meantime, enjoy some unedited B-roll footage I shot today for a forest scene in Door. Now let’s get to work.

Also, a thesis update: I am currently on page 40 of my screenplay, but I have the next 15 pages planned out, getting me to about the halfway mark. My index card wall has definitely proved itself useful.

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