Attending my first conference… Virtually

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This week Adobe is hosting their annual Adobe Max Conference. This year the conference is completely online and free to anyone with a Adobe account (you don’t even need to be paying for the subscription). The three day event showcases new Adobe updates and softwares, features industry speakers and celebrity guests, and hosts labs and workshops to help application users.

While the event has been going on, I’ve been tuning in in-between my classes and when I take breaks from working on assignments. The amount and range of content they’re putting out is incredible and I can barely keep up. Luckily, a lot of their sessions will be available for a whole year on Adobe’s website. So whatever I’m missing now, I can check out later.

I found this workshop from yesterday particularly helpful. In this session, Emmy award-winner Christine Steel gives tips for working faster in Premiere Pro. I know a lot of us edit with Premiere, so I’m hoping you will also find this useful. I’m very excited to implement these short cuts in my next edit.

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