A moment in Chernobyl

 In A thought, film

I’ve wanted to watch Chernobyl since it came out. It took me forever to because I never had HBO but finally a friend let me have their account and I was able to watch the first episode.

Honestly I thought it was great. My biggest take away was in a scene where a firefighter is going to fight the fire caused by the explosion thinking it was just a fire. His partner worries there may be chemicals but he assures her he will be fine. Once at the scene it becomes clear there is something more going on there. He is told he needs to climb to put out another fire and is hesitant but carries on. He looks up and it cuts to his partner, at home seeming looking out the window worried, then back to him.

I just really like that moment cutting between them. It connects the two and how they are thinking about each other in those moments.

I haven’t gone into episode 2 yet but I’m excited to see how the story unfolds and how all the characters are affected by the disaster.

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