Finding the Momentum

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Welcome back once again to Noah’s thesis adventure!

I have written a logline. I have organized a beat sheet of all the major plot points. I even have my killer title. The true struggle is now upon me:

I actually have to write this screenplay.

Now, when I first proposed this project to my committee and the Office of Research, I truly thought I had it easy. “Pssh, all my other peers are writing theses about biological behaviors in single-cell fungi or the history of sediment soil in North American bayous. Me? Oh, I’m writing a film screenplay” The time has come for me to put my money where my mouth is and actually write the freakin’ thing.

In most cases, I get excited about the opportunity to write a screenplay. But just something about this thesis being a year-long project makes me feel sluggish in getting started. However, when I finally made myself sit down, open Celtx, and start the physical typing, I felt that excitement again. I wrote for hours into the night, writing 13 pages. It has now been four days since that night and I’m only on page 16 now. All that momentum I had that night was suddenly gone. I now know that if I truly want to stay on schedule, I have to make a habit of writing and surround myself with this project.

One tool that has helped me is a plot point board that I took from Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat ( again, a highly recommended read). Like I said, surround myself with this project, right? Well, now one of the four walls of my bedroom is literally dedicated solely to the project. Essentially, each index card is an important scene and it’s color-coded based on the theme, B-story, and reoccurring plot details.


I still feel so excited every time I think about this project, but now is the time to put in the work. A quote that I live comes from Jim Henson, and I realize more than ever that once I finally get the momentum going again, the fun will follow.

“The only way the magic works is hard work. But hard work can be fun” -Jim Henson

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