Melancholy and then the Urge to Stop

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Recently at 4381 Productions, the team was tasked to make one minute films. The restrictions? One shot, no editing. Not a crazy task by any stretch of the imagination but a great way to get creative. Immediately, my mind when to work. What story did I want to tell my peers? Do I want it to be serious or funny? How weird do I want it to be? I was filled with so many ideas, I didn’t know were to start.

One of my original ideas was based on a true story. The shot would be me standing next to a phone in a place that looks like a restaurant. The phone would then ring and I would pick up. I would greet them properly. The customer on the other line would then start yelling at be about a missing item in their order that cost .40 cents. They would yell at me for a while, then I would say  in a monotone voice” Sorry about that, would you like to speak to a manager?” The customer would then re-continue their rant, becoming more violence with their threats, much like Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. After they finish, I would say in a monotone voice again,” Sorry about that, have a good day” then hang up slowly. It would end with me taking a mental reset then helping a customer.

That idea seemed too crazy, so I went with “Melancholy and then the Urge to Stop”

Usually a filmmaker won’t tell you what you are looking at so you can make your own judgements and opinions but I am personally a really big fan of when directors or producers give up information on why or how they get a shot so I thought I would do that here.

In general, this film showcases what I do a lot, sit and think. While these past few months have kept me busy with films, I usually spend my free time at home sitting around. When I’m at work, I’m sitting around waiting for someone to give me something to do. While I’m sitting down, I think. I think about life, death, friends, family, choices I regret, decisions I’ve made etc. According to one therapist, this is not very healthy for me but I do it anyway. Usually my thoughts are interrupted by me not wanting to think anymore and actually do something.

In this particular sit down, I wanted to show that I was in thought but the thoughts were upsetting. I wanted to convey that I was having a hard time with in my thoughts. In reality, I have been suffering from a serious case of having a broken heart and wanted to show how that looked like in my life.

The music plays in to that as well. The music starts with water crashing in, much like the thoughts, then the music just drops suddenly to show how I rush to stop the upsetting thoughts. I also played the song backwards to give it more of a surreal feeling. Here it is in full.

One thing I hope to accomplish in film is to leave people with a feeling. I wanted people to be a little sad like me in the film. I look for reactions because I enjoy making people feeling something, and it doesn’t have to be a good feeling. That is also why the film is in black and white. Just to give it that feeling.

Thanks for reading! Here is a reward!

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    Thank you for your honesty in your approach to your art.

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