Looking for pirate gold

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I have been very under the weather and have found that staying inside, hydrated and warm is the best remedy. So, I went looking for pirate gold in the outer rain bands of a hurricane.



I went looking for pirate gold.

Found wind and rain instead.

Almost knocked me off the sea wall.

So I went on down to the sea.

Felt the cold rain on my face.

Felt the sea and sand around my feet.

Water logged I went back home.

I know I’m further under the weather now.

But I did not miss out on any pirate gold.

Poor remedy for what ails.

#rain, #wind, #red, #pirategold, #remedy, #astros, #hurricane, #hurricanedelta, #delta, #waves, #undertheweather

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  • David Rubio

    Loved this poem, I as well would like pirates gold. Moments like that are very precious.

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