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The watchlist of a filmmaker is endless.

At least for me it is. No matter how many titles I cross off my list, there are still countless more for me to get to. I don’t mean that figuratively or hyperbolically.

I understand this may not be true for all, but I’ve tried and will continue to try and consume as many films as I possibly can in my lifetime. This is part of the reason I’m working so hard to expand my (genre) horizons.

There are very few films I deliberately wouldn’t watch. I appreciate movies more than I ought, including the bad. There has to be a compelling reason for me to think a film isn’t worth my time. And even if I agree it isn’t worth my time, I’d usually rather decide that on my own. The principal reason I’m like this is because there’s so much to study, learn, and understand from every single work that’s been produced.

If I could watch everything ever made, I would. Since that’s completely unrealistic, however, I try my best to prioritize important, significant, or highly regarded works.

But of course, I’m always, always behind. 125 years of film (and counting) isn’t easy to get through.

I obviously enjoy watching for pure entertainment as well, but my unrealistic watchlist goals just come with wanting to be as knowledgeable as I can about the culture, techniques, art, history, and advancement of film.

I hope there’s Netflix in the great beyond.

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  • David Rubio

    I feel you heavily, my watchlist will not stop growing. Someday I’ll watch everything, probably not anytime soon though.

  • Kevin Reynolds

    My watch list grows faster than I’ll ever be able to watch things on it. I am thankful that I have something like AppleTV’s Up Next feature to keep track of it for me. It even lets me know when something on it gets released on a new streaming service.

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