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Yesterday, I was working on one of our projects when I came to a realization. It was realization I think I’ve had more than once, but every time it happens its like I have completely forgotten about it before. It was that experiencing life is one of the most fundamental sources for inspiration.

I have at time been in my bed staring at the ceiling looking at the sky for some sort of inspiration but none of it comes to me they way it does when I experience life. Yesterday I went to a park with a friend that kept surprising me. There was this bridge where you could look at this lake of some sort and on the side was this door, seemingly to lower yourself into the lake. It was very odd and the whole time we talked about how this would make a good story, or what if the latch was for this, or lead to this, or kept something out. Some ideas were silly but all were entertaining. Later walking down a path that we thought would never end we talked about that possibility. What if we were stuck in a trail than never ended. Luckily for us it did and we were led to some sort of field. It was nearing sunset at this time so everything looked so vast, gold, and beautiful –  heavenly even.

The whole day made me feel like I should go out more to have this feeling more often. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic our experiences can be limited and we may feel uninspired when we go long periods of time at home. When we do go out take the precautions necessary to be safe, and just never forget what is out there for us to experience no matter how small it may seem.

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  • Emily Frazee

    This reminds me of childhood. There’s so much imagination in youth, and it makes me wonder how this era will affect creativity and innovation for future generations.

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