‘What We’re Up Against” or “The Test of Everyone’s Patience and Problem Solving Skills”

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This past weekend, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a camera operator for a filmed play at the Quintero Theater. The play, entitled “What We’re Up Against”, is a feminist play originally written in the 1990s, but the director and dramaturg decided to set it in modern, pandemic times and had all the actors wear masks the entire time. Overall, the play was super interesting and the actors did a phenomenal job. The most exciting part, however, was trying to keep on schedule and get things to go right. Initially, the whole black box theater was taped on into sections, with each section being a different location with its own furniture and set pieces. However, upon seeing how the shots would be framed, the director chose to ditch the section idea, and we instead moved the furniture based on where the lighting would best suit the scene. Along with that, we decided to film based on location, rather than chronological order as previously planned, just to make things a little simpler. To top it off, though, was the issues with our switcher on Quicktime, which would occasionally cut out on us for mysterious reasons. The whole company and crew preserved on through all of these obstacles and we managed to film the whole play with enough options for the director and editors to create the best finished product. In the end, I really enjoyed the experience and I was glad to be in a production that was both safe and successful.

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  • Emily Frazee

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Covid-19 in general is one big problem solving test. Having also worked on filming a theatrical production during this time, I’m fascinated by how vastly different the approach has been between productions. With masks, with one actor at a time, on Zoom – it’s an entirely new approach to creativity and working with what you’ve got. Annoying, but very interesting.

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