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I thought I would join Emily in sharing my 36 frames project. A challenge I thoroughly enjoyed and brought back memories of shooting photos in downtown Houston.

I had two of my friends be my “models” in this project. Not to say that came without hesitation but still I appreciate them helping me.

I chose “Somewhere in the City” by Paul Kelly and after my initial listen I knew what I wanted to do. I hope if i misinterpreted the song that I at least did a decent jobs in interesting it in my own way. I used alot less photos than 36, because I wanted the video to avoid being TOO linear.

The song to me was about a guy who thinks the woman he was trying to see is out living her life without him, and it doesn’t sit well with him. He thinks she is with someone else, somewhere in the city.

Initially I wanted everything he said to be true but I thought that was too literal. What if what he is thinking isn’t true, and she is simply enjoying the city for herself.  She is alone the whole time, even sitting with her cup of wine alone, because she doesn’t need anyone else.

In the song it says “I feel like committing a crime”. I thought this meant the man was angry,  perhaps because the woman hasn’t returned his messages. So in the last few frames I had my friend bathing in green light, as the man approaches her the light on her face is now red (I was hoping it would be more red as I was simulating a traffic light). Then the last frame is their shadows side by side.

I originally planned to end the video with the red light on her face, but I thought the shadows side by side left it more open ended. He found her, no what? A fight? An argument? A spark of love?

I really enjoyed working on this project despite the limitations we were given. I kept thinking of house I would do what I do in editing, without editing. I messed around a lot with my camera setting but ended just changing the aspect ration to 16:9 and bringing a light and tripod downtown with me. At the end of the night I was a sweaty mess and was worried I may not have everything I wanted, but I think that feeling is universal after every shoot. I wanted to trust in myself and went home arranging the photos.


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  • Emily Frazee

    I enjoy that you toyed with what the song meant to you, and how you would interpret it with your characters and cityscape. The shots were captivating in my opinion and I really did enjoy letting them speak for themselves without having music. Although it indeed might have changed the meaning of the song slightly, I love the final result and its carefully chosen shots.

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