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I’d be lying if I said I captured 36 perfect frames on my first try, but the challenge was still very real.

Tell a story with 36 unedited stills – mine, a story of Midnight Rain.

Challenge number 1: Choosing a song. I didn’t want to alter or modernize the story if I didn’t have to, and this one felt like one that I could tell with the least amount of people.

Challenge number 2: I was one of those people. My assumption was that I’d save time having my boyfriend take the photos of me rather than setting up a tripod. The truth of the matter is debatable. He obviously didn’t have the same vision as me, so it took dozens of photos before I would be content enough to move on. Thankfully, he was patient enough to take enough that I would have several to choose from.

Challenge number 3: Time. I suppose I could’ve searched for another willing participant to be the subject of my story, but I knew I could take advantage of my boyfriend’s willingness to help the way I wouldn’t be able to with another person. This means I had to wait until he was available to shoot, and the sun doesn’t wait for anyone, so we didn’t have many opportunities to shoot the daytime shots.

Challenge number 4: Lighting. Getting a clear, properly exposed nighttime shot is maybe not my expertise. The more light I tried to add, the more it would highlight walls and backgrounds that I didn’t want to be highlighted. With the limited equipment I had, however, I’d say I made it work. But again, not without the patience of Brady to let me try several different angles and frames.

Challenge number 5: Mimicking rain. I guess I’m glad it wasn’t actually raining, but it was harder than I thought to try and hose realistic water droplets onto the windows for convincing enough shots of rain. It’s a good thing I used my phone, and it’s a good thing my phone is waterproof.

Challenge number 6: A challenge that arose from not getting the 36 frames the first time. Having to go through 404 photos to find the ones that would tell my story best wasn’t fun, but it came with the territory of trying to be safe.

It’s hard judge to the final result when the subjects are myself and my boyfriend telling the story. It makes it a little cheesy for me, but I’m content with what I could accomplish given my limitations. And for the last time (in this post), I’m very grateful for Brady.



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