Seeing my photography printed for the first time

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Image of two printed photographs

In 2018 I bought a Lumix G7 as a starter camera for videography. Since then I’ve taken literally 1,000 times more photos than videos with the camera.

Until recently, my photos never really left the folders in my computer. I’d send a few to close friends to get opinions and even shared them with a talented professor to get advice. It took time to feel confident in my photography and of course a lot of practice. This past summer I finally felt ready to share my photos with more people and made an Instagram account dedicated to my photography. You can find me @madtakespics . At this point I hadn’t seen my photos outside Instagram’s tiny little squares or my 15in computer screen.

Earlier this month was my mom’s birthday and all she asked for this year was a few prints of my photos to display in her office. I was relieved that this year, gift shopping would be much easier than past birthdays. I had the photos printed at The Photo Lab off of Antione Dr. in Houston. When I went to pick them up, the owner, George showed me my prints to make sure everything was printed to my liking. I loved them. I got home and looked at them again, more proud of my work than I had been staring at it through the computer screen. I could see detail where I couldn’t see it before, all without looking at a cropped and zoomed portion of my image.

Having my photos printed changed how I view my photography. Until my mom asked for prints, it wasn’t something I seriously considered doing. Now I want all my photos printed so I can examine them better. I want to edit and print and then edit and print again (though I don’t think my bank account will allow for this).  And after enough revisions I want to print a final for myself.

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  • Emily Frazee

    I love them too – I’m so glad your mom asked. What’s your favorite thing to photograph?

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