The Incredible Feeling of Having Your Art Validated

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I am not sure if this will be a long piece but I think it is something that a lot of us here will understand as artists. You work so hard on your craft and continue to look forward without taking time to reflect on what you have worked on before. The reflection really happens as you are working but you really don’t have all the time to sit and reflect. There is that moment that you cannot explain, that moment someone buys your photograph for the first time, your short film wins an award for the first time, or in my case, people donate almost $3,000 to your upcoming project.

Now, I want to preface this with I do not perceive myself with someone who has an online presence, but whether it is podcasting, photography, or filmmaking I always give every ounce of myself. I never shy away from showing the person I am, and I guess that worked out for me in the end. About a week ago I launched the crowdfund for my upcoming short film, Before I Leave (2021), and in the first three days I had already hit almost $2,000. A lot of this was from family members but also a significant amount is from listeners of my podcast and people who genuinely want to see me succeed. This is a very foreign feeling to me, especially when it is accompanied by monetary support.

In a way, this motivates me to do better on this project but it also worries me that what I create may not be enough for those who donated. I know these may be intrusive thoughts of mine telling me that I do not deserve this support. but these are very real feelings that we as artists encounter all the time. The world works in different ways but I never thought it would work like this for me. Hopefully, soon I can update you all that my film is fully funded but for now, we are almost there. I am excited and motivated to keep going on this journey with me and my team.

Now, I do not want to be the one to ask for money but you can share the link around. Thank you all so much.

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  • Emily Frazee

    This is great news, congratulations! The people surrounding you can sense your passion and dedication. I definitely agree that it’s incredibly rewarding to see that every ounce you put out is being recognized. You should cherish this feeling because those intrusive thoughts you speak of will definitely come back to visit sometimes. You just have to remember these wonderful moments that make it worth it and know that you and your work are seen, heard, and appreciated.

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