Mulan has the worst Live Action

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I have seen a lot of remakes in the past years and for some reason, they are either good when they are non compared to the original or at least passable when compared in my opinion. A well-known offender of this is Disney. I am almost certain that their goal is to remake every animated classic into a live-action adaptation. For the most part, they have been able to keep some resemblance of the magic the original held even if it can still be seen as bad. Examples of these would be Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The jungle book, Lion King, and so on. Even though they are not as good as the animated versions, you can still find something to enjoy about them. That is why for the most part I am ok when they do live actions even though an argument can be made that Disney is just running out of original ideas.

Their latest endeavor which was the live-action Mulan is currently not doing too well in terms of rating. I was already skeptical about it when they took out the music and memorable characters like the dragon, the cricket, and everyone’s favorite grandma. When I heard this I thought they were going for a more realistic portrayal of her story and the weight that it cared back then so I was ok with the changes. I just recently saw it and it was just bad. As a movie and as live-action, it was just a bad movie in every aspect of the word. Scenes that held a very significant and emotional meaning in the animated movie where rushed in the live-action. The action scenes in the live-action were full of jump cuts which made it difficult to track what was going on. Without spoiling the movie, some decisions made in the live-action made it seem like they were just looking for extra money and a way to sell to the Asian market which shows in the movie.

Overall, I normally recommend people watch the live actions of shows so that they can craft there own opinion and I still recommend you do but if you chose not to watch this movie, you would be saving time and money. This is by far the worst live-action I have ever seen.

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  • Emily Frazee

    I’m sad – and surprised (even though I really, really, really shouldn’t be…) I just had so much hope for this one. Like you said, when I heard they were removing the most enjoyable parts of the animated version, I thought, “Okay, finally. It won’t be a frame-by-frame remake, but a more realistic and serious adaptation.” I actually thought it was bold of them to do, and I figured it’d pay off when the story was completely different, in a good way. I just want to know what went wrong /this time/. Because of my curiosity, I definitely do plan on watching it (when a time comes that I don’t have to pay for it lol), but I’m letting out a big sigh for another missed mark for what used to be one of the greatest motion picture studios of all time.

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