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Hello 4381 Productions,

Before we entered quarantine, I was watching a LOT of Star Trek: The Next Generation in anticipation for the new Picard TV show (which I actually still haven’t seen..) and C.R.A.N.K. (Charles Bergman, Ryan Douglas, Andrew Green, Noah Key, and Kevin Reynolds) Productions needed a theme for it’s 16 Lines Project. Kevin and I are pretty big “Trekkies” and when I pitched the idea to do a 60s Star Trek-esqe theme we both knew that was the thing. The others weren’t as overly familiar with Trek lore or knowledge as us, but personally I thought it made their insight just as valuable having not seen any of Star Trek. Noah wrote up the script, Charles was the DP, Kevin did the audio, Andrew was our special effects tech/grip, and I chose to direct. J.R. Gretzer was cast as our Captain and Clare Keating as our leading lady. Our schedules were all pretty tight at that point in time and we ended up having to meet during Spring Break, luckily our actors didn’t make an travel plans. Everything actually went off without a hitch for the most part, the only issue was that our studio time was cut short and we ended up not even using one of our actors for the day. Regardless, it was a great experience and I will be eternally grateful to everyone who worked on this production for their kindness, understanding, and respect for not only myself, but also the project. This was going to be my directorial debut and it was cut short by COVID-19. Below are some photos of the first and only time C.R.A.N.K. Productions ever worked together on a project and below that a link to the 1 minute clip (edited by Noah) of what we shot. I hope you enjoy and it makes you feel like your watching an episode of the original series. Live long and prosper.


Special shout out to Andrew for taking most of the photos.

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  • Noah Key

    It really is a shame that this was never fully realized. I had a great time writing the story and an even greater time during production with CRANK Productions. Thanks for bringing back memories of a simpler time, and also sharing my edit of the project, as short as it is.

  • Raúl Alejandro Mendoza

    Oh the memories of what could’ve been. It reminds of the different world we lived last semester. I hope we go back to that world but I fear that it’s gone and we are adapting to a new normal every day. Great post that brought me a sense of nostalgia.

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