The Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

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My first blog post. This journey should be fun. Hopefully. Let’s do this.

As some of you may or may not know, I’m starting my Senior Honors Thesis this year. This sort of project usually pertains to STEM majors doing fancy, technical lab work and research, but it can also apply to the arts. This is a year long project that serves as the “capstone to my undergraduate career”.

When I initially pitched the idea to my peers and professors, I was planning on dedicating the fall semester to writing and preproducing a short film, then spending the spring semester filming and editing, with a full fledged short film completed by my thesis defense. Well, since then, the world kinda exploded, so I had to change it up. I am now writing a feature length film, along with a full preproduction package, and, if health measures are in place, film a 5-10 minute scene from the script in the spring.

As of now, in my timeline, I’m in my research and brainstorming phase. I began to first come up with interesting loglines and titles: ideas that just hook audiences in. I had to state in my thesis prospectus what my “research topic” will be about and I said I would write a coming of age film where the protagonist also loses grip on reality. Give them something clashing and interesting, y’know? After some thought, here is my logline:

The Road to Nowhere:

“A young, headstrong musician takes a harrowing, transcendental journey to the mysterious desert city of Despina, discovering more about himself than he thought was possible.”


This will be a continuing project, so more substantial updates will be in the future. For now, I have my starting point.

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  • David Rubio

    Godspeed Noah, hopefully one day I’ll be able to see this script in full and in action.

  • Ryan Douglas

    Can’t wait to see what you put together! CRANK Productions 4 lyfe

  • KRH

    The beginning of a project is the trickiest part. Remember you are on a journey, but there are lots of paths to take and you can always double back if you lose your way.

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