Movie Magic: Song of Time

Here is a BTS shot of a project that will never be seen because some one formatted my SD card. Unlucky.

Anyways, I am here to check in with my fellow movie magicians. I hope you are doing as well as you can, given the circumstances. I have been itching to create some magic with my friends like how we used to do. I think back on those days when a production was not going well and deadlines were looming over us as the good old days. They probably will always be. My creativity luckily has not been stunted at all. I’ve been writing non-stop, whether its notes, story ideas or even just poetry I am keeping active in that capacity as best as I can. I’ve reached the halfway mark on probably the better of all my scripts, In that almost 100 page mark. That being said I have ultimately decided to make the big purchase of a camera so I may better scratch my itch for making fun stories. Was gonna ball out on a Black Magic brand since the bank account and credit scores are decent at this moment but I feel the logic in my brain is telling me to slow down and get a canon first. I’d love to get some inout from my friends, what do we think? Dive head first or explore the waters a bit and take my time there?

I’ve been playing a lot of Legend of Zelda and listening to the OSTs of those games are sparking some inspiration in me, I would highly recommend checking out the playlists on Spotify “Legend of Zelda Music,” “Zelda and Chill” and/ or “Zelda Lo-Fi.”

I’ll be moving to my own apartment again which will be nice for unfiltered creativity. Usually these posts of mine are a bit more structured and have themes but this one seems a bit all over the place. If I had to give some kinda message it’d be, try living out these hard times like they were “the good old day,” You might find moments of magic in them that you’ll later wish you could go back to and relive. Unfortunately as of now we don’t have magical ocarinas to send us back to those days. (

Thats for the Zelda nerds out there)

Keep Creating friends. Hope to see you all soon!

– Enrique Castillo, “Movie Magician”

I got old(er) the other day

Back before Covid did a number on the world, a minor distraction around the offices of 4381 was the date of my birth. Someone had asked, I had not answered out of the principle that a very boring person can seem much more interesting by hiding the most mundane of information. I am boring and opted to refrain from saying the date. It was more for my own entertainment than for anyone one else’s. Anyway, the day came and went and it seems even more trivial to me now.

So, I’m posting the post I had put up of at, a sight I run that no one looks at anymore. A friend from Fort Worth, at a time when friends were hard to find, was kind of enough to sing me a birthday song.

There is a lesson on film, or scriptwriting, or connections or something. You can find it, I’m too old to do it myself.