Quarantine and Spes

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It’s been a while. Hopefully you’ve been well in these incredibly trying times. I’ve been okay. When quarantine started, I unwisely started to invest my time in anime. This lead to me not really doing much film-wise and going down a rabbit hole of really bad anime. So after sometime away from that, I had a talk with Micheal Grossman. He inspired me to explore in the environment where I will be filming Spes.

I may have talked to you guys about the short film Spes, that was written by David Obar. He set it in his camp out spot in Dansbury. Located in a beautiful spot of Texas, I fell in love with the location. Anyways, I was having trouble doing a storyboard and shot list for the script (I’m a terrible sketcher), when Mike told me to explore the space with the actors. The next week, I took my Canon Power Shot and had the actors block the whole film. Wow was that tough but incredibly productive. I mean we worked out a lot of issues that would have arose if we hadn’t done the blocking. Spes really took a huge step into being made. Below is a rough photo board I’ve been working on.

rough photoboard

Hopefully we can get Spes shot this August.

Also, If you have a couple hours, watch Freaked. It’s free and pretty funny. You won’t find it in the Criterion collection anytime soon, but I feel like we can learn from films that don’t try to be masterpieces. We all can’t be Tarkovsky or Kubrick, we just have to be ourselves.

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