Lil’ Bit is Dead

 In A thought, Personal Project

I took this photo in Denver.

One time, I was on a bus in Denver when I heard a woman talking about the untimely death of Lil’ Bit.

I have only ever spent one day in Denver.

By the transitive process, I took this photo on the day I heard that story.


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  • David Rubio

    Another amazing story. The way the woman talks reminds me of the waitresses at Kelley’s in League City. I worked their for a while and most were waitresses were older women from the south who had gone through a lets say “heavy substances” phase. They would talk about there past lives as competitive wet T-shirt contestants and there friends who had pasted away. They would talk to me about Harley Davidson bikes, how they want to quit smoking and how immigrants are stealing jobs, then realize I’m the son of immigrant parents and say “your parents did it right though honey.” Anyway Rest in Peace Li’l Bit.

    • KRH

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked.

  • Sofia

    I wonder where Lil’ Bit is now, and if she ever quit? What year did this story take place?

    • KRH

      Lil’ Bit is dead. The woman telling her tragic tale probably followed in Lil’ Bits footsteps, unfortunately.

  • Kelvin Kataria

    “Yeah… But she’s trying to quit” funny how most even through the most shocking/stifling conversations people always manage to find the positive in every situation.

    Great story, hope she did end up quitting.

    • KRH

      Thank you, but I have a feeling that quitting wasn’t in her future.

  • Hales

    You are an inspiration to all mental packrats out in the wild. This was such an immersive and accessible story told with an irrelevant picture and spoken word. Such effective storytelling. I really loved this. Thank you for sharing. I would also agree–quitting did not seem to be in the cards for this Walmart-type-woman.

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