The Art of the Full Circle

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Many television shows make a big show of bringing long-developed arcs to a close with a wonderfully rounded full circle. Shows that come to mind when thinking of a well done full circle are Steven Universe and How I Met Your Mother. One is a cartoon and the other is a sitcom. In Steven Universe there are a lot of plot points that do not get satisfied until the Future season in which the series draws to a close. The same can be said for the final season of How I Met Your Mother.

Of course, the end of something is the perfect time to tie together all of the loose strings used to tug at the audience’s emotions. However, it is in the way the writers are able to achieve this without drawing too desperately on cliches and tropes (of course, everything is a trope at this point anyway) that makes all of the difference. For the fans of Steven we finally got to see Lars reach closure with Sadie about how they are unfit to be together, and we finally got to see Steven try to learn how to be human. In HIMYM, well, we finally got to meet the “mother.” The full circle is one of my favorite aspects of a television show or film because we so rarely get to see things like this in real life. Art can provide an escape in many ways, and sometimes it’s nice to escape to a world where the loose ends never stay that way.

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  • Miranda

    I’m a huge fan of the full circle, I think it’s interesting how people are starting to find something about full circle corny though! I’ve met a lot of people who like a create your own meaning/ending for movies and tv shows which is crazy to me and, i dare to say a little lazy? I may have to check out these shows!

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