That’s it. I have such wonderful footage from my fellow filmmaker Kelvin Kataria’s RED camera and I love seeing it when it isn’t slowly lagging and skipping on my weak ass computer. A lesson to be learned from this, if you’re going to be an editor, make sure you have the com to support your ambition. Looking to rent computers from the Batcave, will update on how it goes.

Movie Magic reference, pulling a BIG ass rabbit out of a baby small hat.

-Enrique Castillo




p.s. Kelvin I love you and your camera.



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  1. Drop those stills for us! I’m too impatient 🙂

  2. Just that one bit looks great, and I cannot wait to see what you were able to do with what we got for you.

  3. I’m glad the footage turned out great! Try to find a way to work with a proxy workflow, it’ll take less stress on the hardware and allow you to edit with little to no restrictions while exporting at the highest quality RED can offer.

    Creating proxies with RED files. This is really going to take away stress from your hardware. He also explains how to Toggle your proxy files so you can see the full Res image when you like.

    How to color correct on Davinchi and still edit on the superior timeline editor of Premiere.

    Hope this helps, best of luck Enrique!

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