Avenues of Creation These Days

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Arts have been deemed this entire quarantine as non-essential, but so many artists have found ways to still be creative and to still encourage each other to keep creating. Bands are performing concerts via video streaming services, writers and magazines (including Glass Mountain and Defunkt Magazine) are scheduling virtual workshops and generative writing sessions, and so many other artistic avenues have opened up in the wake of this global crisis. People are coming together through their art.

Glass Mountain even devoted their most recent edition of Shards, their online mag, to the stories of artists affected and even inspired by what we are all going through right now. So far, they have received several submissions and even thanks from writers all over the Houston area for allowing people the opportunity to talk about how their lives have changed since the world ended.

There is still a whole world out there to experience, but it will have to be from the comfort of your home for a while longer. A concert in your living room will have to suffice for now until you can scream and jump with the crowd in (hopefully) a few months’ time. Writing and reading your scribbles on Zoom will have to be good enough until you can meet at the bar and do it in person over a cocktail. We can get through this together, and we can use our art to help with it.

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