Promise kept, but I’m not sure why.

 In A thought

Not everyone did as I asked them to and not every requirement was met. I did promise and some people came through. Those who didn’t, shouldn’t listen or even ask about the audio contained. Maybe you could if you did, but you didn’t so you shouldn’t. This all happened well before the founding of 4381 Productions and before most people in the office were even born. I am old and this story is too.

On a side note, I took this photo while sitting in Cafe du Monde in New Orleans looking out on Jackson Square. I was sitting with a girl whom I loved and two of her friend whom I can’t remember. I’d just had my tarot cards read by a man named Ragnar who told me the girl I was with was not a good person and was with me for the wrong intentions. Two weeks later she broke my heart into a hundred little pieces.

A view from the Cafe Du Monde onto Jackson Square

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  • Tyler Bailey

    Please tell me you haven’t met the “bitch hit me in the eye” a third time.

    • KRH

      There was a third time, but it was not nearly as memorable as the other two. My friend Robert’s parents lived in New Orleans and they had FedEx’ed a cooler filled with fresh cooked crawfish. Bought on the dock in the morning and at a party at their place in the afternoon. We all ended up in a club after the party and I heard that voice. There on the dance floor, drunk as always, was “bitch hit me in the eye”. I don’t know why, but I decided not to say anything and get the hell out of there.

  • David Rubio

    As I told you in the video conference, bitch hit me in the eye was genuinely funny. The story actually reminds me of a certain person. Really good stuff thank you!

    • KRH

      Thank you David, much appreciated. The next obvious question is do I know who it reminds you of?

  • Patrick

    Have you written the screenplay for this yet?

  • Matty Sullivan

    I’m exhausted after hearing this.

    The good ol’ days weren’t always good.

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