My Wife vs. Martin Scorsese

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After reading Kelvin’s post about watching Goodfellas with three film buffs who hadn’t seen it, I was inspired to tell this story:

As such:

My wife Liz is not–I repeat, NOT–a film buff. Anytime I mention Martin Scorsese, she just rolls her eyes. I have asked her many, many, maaaaannnny times to watch Raging Bull with me. She’s never even come close to saying “yes”. She knows nothing at all about Raging Bull, except that I love it and Martin Scorsese directed it. And that’s enough for her. She won’t watch the fucking thing.

Of course, Liz watches movies. Plenty of them! Usually, she does it while she’s doing something else (on her phone). She enjoys movies, but she does not properly respect them. Know what I mean?

So get this:

It’s Friday night. Liz and I are sitting on the couch. Liz is flipping through her phone. I’m searching through Netflix, and I come across The Last Waltz. I get excited–not because I want to see The Last Waltz for the tenth time, but because I want to see the first sequence. It’s one of my favorite film openings ever.

The Last Waltz (1978) Martin Scorsese

So I start The Last Waltz. As soon as the movie begins, my wife looks up from her phone. She’s just curious, of course. But she’s instantly hooked. I can tell. Scorsese is working his magic on her. Her phone is forgotten. She’s watching. For twenty minutes, she can’t pull her eyes away from the screen.

Finally, she shakes her head, as if she’d wandered off. She says, “This is really good,” and then she just keeps watching.

We watched the entire thing.

The ENTIRE thing!

And of course, she completely ignored the director’s credit.

(Anyway, If you’ve ever wondered where the modern Concert Film began, watch The Last Waltz.)

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  • Hales

    The Last Waltz is transfixing for sure! I am glad your wife came around, and I am glad you haven’t stopped trying. I really enjoyed this story, thank you for sharing!

  • KRH

    The Last Waltz is a wonderful film with some equally wonderful music. Thank you for the post and story. Levon Helm is one of the few singer/drummers in the history of rock and roll. Hard to play drums with the energy he exudes and still bring the passion to the vocals breathlessly.

    As far as concert films go, I am also very partial to Jonathan Demme’s Talking Heads concert film Stop Making Sense.

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