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This month I’ve been watching Devs on Hulu. The thing I enjoy about Hulu shows is that they release week-by-week instead of all at once. I miss that aspect of TV, and I kind of miss that aspect of life at times. Everything is too however-you-like-it lately, I appreciate it of course but I need some diligence right now and having to wait for more story is the only way I’m getting that. That and the passing due dates for my online coursework which I’ve yet to adjust to, we won’t jump into that.

Devs is a limited series, which gives me some comfort because it means it’s a short but thoughtful ride and I won’t be waiting with a clenched fist every Sunday night for 5+ years for some closure. Anyway, the show’s all about a secret department of a multi-billion dollar tech company that’s working on a quantum theory so advanced and close to successful that they have to murder anyone who attempts to question their intentions (it’s the first 20 minutes no spoilers here).

If you need more reason to get excited about the show its cinematography is by Rob Hardy. Yeah. The cast also includes Nick Offerman and Sonoya Mizuno… yeaaah.

Sure, watch the show or whatever you know the drill by now. Especially if you’re a sucker for that modern cinematography. But I just wanted to bring it up because there was a theme during Episode 5 of this current and only season, 1, where multiple realities play in front of you and obviously it’s the same actors doing different things in one room, the camera only slowly panning. There’s a lot of things I could just look up the technique for on Youtube and usually I do, but I couldn’t find the right way to word it into a search this time.

So why not consult my other cinematographers. If you have Hulu, watch episode 5 of devs, or if you’re less interested check out 0:00-3:10, and 30:30-33:13. Let me know how you think they got those shots done because I genuinely can’t imagine what the process is to get a sequence like this and I also can’t gauge if it’s easier or harder than I’m expecting.

Let’s talk!

More Info about Devs:

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