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Okay first and foremost, the title was a little dramatic. You don’t have to be a “film buff” to join this site, anyone is welcome, but film buff is defined “as  a connoisseur of or expert on cinema and films” which I consider a category that everyone who is apart of 4381 productions falls under.  BUT…hopefully I baited you by using that title.

As the days mesh together and we all start to turn into hermits we must remember to try and keep our minds engaged with things that boost our social interaction and dopamine levels; I say this because its probably something I need to hear myself . My point to talking about film buffs and dopamine is that, a few months ago a friend showed me a website called Letterboxd; a movie review site, much like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic. The difference between these sites is, Letterboxd (in my opinon), isn’t meant to be taken as seriously. You don’t have to be a reputable professional, or educated in any cinematic sense, to post a review. Reviews can be anywhere from a punny joke, to a entire paragraphs about how the movie made you think about dissecting frogs in a high school biology class (a review I’ve actually read). Now don’t get me wrong, I have much appreciation for the people that can watch a movie critically and appreciate the elements of film as the artist intended. However, in a time like this, I think we owe it to ourselves to give our brains a break from all things serious for a couple minutes.

If someone were to ask you what some of your favorite movies are, would you be able to answer them? Or would you be caught like a deer in headlights trying to scramble to think of a few titles? Too many times I will watch a film, love it, and in a few months if someone asked me what I LIKED about the movie I would have forgotten. This is recurring all too quickly these days in quarantine. Lack of sunlight and blueberries could be the culprit. (for those who don’t understand, blueberries aid memory) Basically, the site lets you log films you’ve seen and review them. It also lets you build a watch list of movies you want to see in the future and lets you have access to movie lists users curate of certain themes, so you can find exactly the movie you’re looking for based on what you want out of a film. Reading other’s reviews is also a great past time that will elicit some laughs. I wanted to include some of my favorite reviews in this post, but I wasn’t sure about sharing without the author’s permission. I would like to add that this website also has a mobile app as well, for those of you interested.

If you already know about this website, and have a profile, share it in the comments below! I’d love to see what your favorite films are and why. If you don’t have an account yet, and are intrigued, check it out for yourself:



YES I linked my own profile, and NO this post is not sponsored (although it should be).

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  • Miranda

    Love Letterboxd! I’ll add you, it feels like a safe space to talk about my favorite movies without knowing a ton of terminology or film history. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kelvin Kataria

    I’ve been recommended this site by some work buddies of mine. I’ll have to make an account this sounds awesome.

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