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So yesterday we were talking about expanding your visual perspective beyond the POV that you live your life in…. think of ways to incorporate things that include more than one perspective (getting behind the moving box coming towards camera with the actors in the BG instead of cut to POV) etc.  Here is one of the examples I talked about yesterday.  I was scared to death if I only went with the gas station sign CG in the woods it would be a disaster but I knew it would look ok outside the convenience store.  So, once established outside the convenience store I included a reflection of it in the window of the door as the actors walked in, then we see it reflected in the glasses of the civil war soldier and by the time we cut to it standing in the woods (CG) with the soldier the visual has been well established in the audiences’ minds and the sigh works better “naked” in the woods.  It also give us a lovely opportunity to see what the sign means to the actor as well establish its presence in his world.


Stay safe.


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  • David Rubio

    Wow thank you so much for elaborating more on this. I really liked how you burned the sign into the viewers mind. This is a really great learn experience.

  • Miranda

    Thank you for expanding on this! I appreciate the visual.

  • Matty Sullivan

    I was amazed at how well Sound Cues were used in this clip. In several spots, the sound effects added so much weight to the actors’ performances–how the guys in Aisle 3 were able to play their reactions to sounds, the soldier’s dramatic close-up while the buzzing of the sign comes in. Good storytelling.

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