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The DC extended universe is picking up steam after a couple hits since the disastrous Justice League. Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson is set to start filming this summer. I love this character so much and am extremely excited to see what the filmmakers do with him. I was a bit worried at first because let’s face it Dwayne Johnson usually just plays Dwayne Johnson in most of his movies which can be argued are usually cash grabs rather than passion projects. With the exception of his performance in Pain and Gain which is my personal favorite of his and the only time I can truly say he wrapped himself around the character he was playing. But after reading a few of the rumored characters that are going to make an appearance I’m all in and ready for this movie. Black Adam is supposed to face off with the Justice Society of America along with Hawkman, another personal favorite of mine. I definitely have faith that Johnson and director Jaume Collet- Sarra will cook up something special.  SHAZAM!

Black Adam (Character) - Comic Vine

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