A Couple of Budgets, A Shot List and A Funeral

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First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their kind words on my last post. I did not really think that my post would receive that much recognition. I’ll have to admit that following up with something new was a little nerve-racking. However, I’ve concluded that I should stop worrying and just write. Oh and thankfully my father has eased up on the chores.

  • Weekly Update

Well kind of. I may have missed a week. Anyway, I sent off the budget for The Wolf and Spes, unfortunately I missed out on some key details and have to re-do it. Thankfully, though, 4381 Productions has gotten some more professional and detailed budget sheets. I am grateful because these budget sheets have shown me how much more details a producer must take into account when shooting a film. This kind of knowledge is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve always liked focusing on the minor details to have a smooth shoot. I am also still working on the Spes shot list. It has been difficult, trying to put the shots into words. Like most people, I have shots in my head but I find it hard to write down or even draw. I’ve decided to not sweat the details too much. I have full confidence in my DP and the fact that he will give us amazing shots(as soon as the virus goes away).

  • A Muppet Funeral

A lot of kids were raised on the street. Sesame Street that is. Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Elmo and friends have probably been in our lives in one was or another. I did not start watching, however, until my parents cut off the good cable. You see, in the early 2000’s, my parents did not want to pay so much for cable, so we dropped down to very basic cable, ending my mornings with Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Spongebob and Dora. Tragic, I know. I would beg and plead for them to get my cartoons back but they refused. So now I was stuck with Channel 8 Houston PBS. Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC would show cartoons but only on Saturdays morning, so Channel 8 was all I had for the rest of my childhood. I would really only watch it after school as I didn’t have time in the mornings on school days. However, when I did have a morning free, I would head over to Channel 8 to watch Sesame Street. I loved watching Elmo talk to Dorothy, Mr.Noodle and the babies. I loved when Cookie Monster destroyed his cookies. I loved the Count and his weird laugh. The one Muppet I looked forward to was Big Bird and his bear(Mainly because I had one as well and he still sits in my room).It gave me comfort knowing someone else found comfort in a bear. From there, an appreciation for the Muppets grew.

Fast forward to 2011. A new movie for the Muppets was playing in theaters(The Muppets 2011). Obviously, my family and I go out to watch it and wow was it great. Mind you, I was not raised on The Muppet Show (I think I was too late on that) but still this continuation of the Muppets was incredibly well done. The music was fantastic ( it won Best Original Music Written for Motion Picture), the story was nostalgic but fresh. I highly recommend a watch. Anyways, to promote the movie, Disney released Muppets: The Green Album. This was a compilation of hit Muppets songs, sung by modern pop and rock musicians at the time. I picked it up and found a beautiful new song, Bein’ Green. I found the original song on Youtube being sung by Kermit the Frog and it became my favorite song ever. Bein’ Green has been cover by Frank Sinatra(who did not do it justice) and Ray Charles but probably my favorite version of the song was sung by an old childhood friend, Big Bird at Jim Henson’s Funeral.

Jim Henson would pass away May 16th, 1990. In the wake of this, two funeral services were held, one in New York and one in London. Also the Muppet would hold a tribute show for Jim Henson. For a closer look at these two programs plus a look into Jim Henson’s final show, I’ll leave a link here. Jim Henson’s funeral in New York was incredibly beautiful and very emotional.The part that stood out to me however was Big Bird’s rendition of Bein’ Green. It starts with a beautiful piano playing the song as Big Bird walks towards the stage. As he sings, you can hear the emotion in the Caroll Spinney’s voice, trying his best to hold back tears. The song itself, is emotional enough with it message of self acceptance. It is truly a beautiful moment in time. Big Bird then says his goodbye to Kermit and walks away.

Bein’ Green is an important song that means a lot to me. Not only is Kermit the Frog expressing his discontent with being just green but he comes to terms with being green and what it can be. Much like us, we can hate the person we are and  think how unimportant or insignificant we may think we are. Just like Kermit, though, we have the opportunity  to understand that we can be fine with who we are and we can become something we like to see. We can be comfortable with ourselves. I like to think that Jim Henson knew this and wanted to create a work of art, a medium at that can express this sentiment. This along with the voice of a childhood friend singing these words makes this a impactful song and important lesson. Thank you Big Bird.

“I’m green, and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful, and I thinks it’s what I want to be.”



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