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In an effort to have everyone in the offices of 4381 Productions stay active and involved during our days of isolation I made a few promises. I’ve already followed through on one of those promises by posting the Interesting Times script for anyone interested. The other promise was to release an audio recording of one of my stories from the old days. When I departed Fort Worth people kept telling me they were going to miss my stories. It didn’t occur to me that they never said they were going to miss me, just my stories. So, before I departed, I sat down in a recording studio that owed me a favor and recorded a double CD of stories, two hours and twenty-eight minutes spread over 24 tracks. When I was done, I gave them out to friends as I headed on my way. A few people asked why I hadn’t recorded some stories like the night a friend’s evil girlfriend try to commit suicide in our bathroom and I apparently said “Too bad she didn’t die standing up, then we coulda hung towels on her.” I could be cruelly funny in those days. The girlfriend ended up okay. She ended up marrying a different friend of mine and set me up with a very generous, wonderful, caring and beautiful woman whose heart I ended up breaking. I could be cruelly unfunny in those days. There are many stories I forgot, many I would later write, many I have bored people at 4381 with and many I keep hidden.

I promised to release one of these stories on here, but which one I will let you decide. Some are short, very short anecdotes really or vignettes if you like. The shortest is just 23 seconds of an overheard conversation. The longest is 17 minutes. There are two I probably can’t actually release.

  1. Bitch Hit Me in the Eye
  2. Bitch Hit Me in the Eye Part 2
  3. Charlene
  4. Cindy
  5. The Drunkest I’d Ever Been
  6. I Don’t Want to Kill The World
  7. Jazzfest
  8. Jennifer and Sam
  9. Jill
  10. John’s Big Night
  11. Jules
  12. Li, Yi and Me
  13. Lil’ Bit
  14. Mardis Gras
  15. Memphis
  16. Misty
  17. More Notes on Les
  18. My One Bar Fight
  19. Something’s Wrong with Lester
  20. Speed
  21. Victory at 3

A note on the attached photo: I do not smoke but I know how to smoke. Too many actors and actresses today are in this wonderful nicotine free world and when you hand a cigarette to them they haven’t got a clue how to handle it.

Another note on the photo below: This was a selfie shot on celluloid. They were not called selfies back then. They were called wasting film. This was on a beach in California around the time the audio files were recorded. I was out in L.A. visiting friends and forgetting heartbreak from another story not recorded. One of the friends I was visiting was on the beach with me and this used to be a two shot. I cut her out because there is no reason for her to have to still deal with what an idiot I used to be.

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  • Austin

    I’ve gotta hear about the one bar fight Keith R. Houk has been in

  • Stalin

    Where can I get some sick glasses like those? What are they even called?

    • KRH

      They are called style over substance and each center sunglass portion could flip up and out of the way.

    • Enrique Castillo

      Insane amount of class. Get me a pair

  • Tyler Bailey

    I think “My One Bar Fight” is an essential listen. Second place vote would be “Bitch Hit Me in the Eye.”

  • Jasmyn Campbell

    I’m kind of interested in “Bitch Hit Me In the Eye”… 1 And 2

    • Hales

      I am too! Exceedingly interested!

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