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This is Mike Grossman…. I am finally on here and hope to be familiar enough with its operation soon so I can see current posts. Now that we are all locked away (and staying safe) lets open dialogue about whatever you want to talk about. There never seems to be enough hours for us to spend together when I visit UH now we seem to have an endless amount of time. Lets take advantage of it! So here I am lets talk.

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  • KRH

    Welcome aboard. Everyone in the offices of 4381 Productions are excited to have you with us!

  • Hales

    Welcome, welcome! I’m excited and proud to see your name among ours on the blog team! Just another way for us to work together without breaking safety protocols.

  • Enrique Castillo

    Welcome back, Mike! I’m sure it’ll be valuable to have your input in some of my more unstructured posts here haha.

  • Enrique I Castillo

    Be sure to check out the “Movie Magic” series on here!

  • Michael Grossman

    Thank you, great to be here… I will check it out. I have been working my way though post trying to “get involved” with things I thought I could bring clarity to.

    Stay safe.

  • Sofia

    Salutations from the creator’s hub! It’ll be nice to have another creative voice on here. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  • Patrick

    Welcome! We’re excited to have you.

  • Matty Sullivan

    This is exciting!

    I’m looking forward to post-production on Sensibilities. I’ve just begun going through the footage!

  • David Rubio

    Mr. Grossman! Awesome to have you here! I hope you find our special little blog entertaining and informative.

  • Michael Grossman

    For everyone… Mike or Michael is fine…. I appreciate the respect and now I want to be part of the group as I am on every set. I do believe we will be chatting tomorrow with you all specifically about “Sensibilities” post.

    Stay safe.

  • Jasmyn Campbell

    Hi Michael. I am so excited to be sharing this space with you and cannot wait to read your thoughts!

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