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“Instant Coffee Blues” by Guy Clark.

I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome.


Yes, much of it’s shaky. Sometimes it benefits, sometimes it detracts. Either way, it’s what happened. I was my own crew; my performers were doing me a favor, basically. I needed to keep them moving and interested, and the best way to accomplish that was to move as quickly as possible. Hence, the hand-held camera. During the shoot, I spent most of my time focusing on the actors and their specific actions. Once they were ready, I just told them to do their thing while I pointed the camera at them.There wasn’t much time for perfecting the image or camera movement. I regret this.

On the other hand, I only had six hours to shoot the whole thing. We’d experienced two shooting cancellations and Spring Break was looming, so I wound up doing everything myself. (Also, I didn’t ask for any  help. My bad.) Fortunately, I was nicely prepared for the shoot. The parts I was ill-prepared for benefited from the collaboration between myself and my actress, who is an artist and a good photographer. On the whole, I’m impressed we got everything we did. But I wish I’d had two or three people with me.

Still, I think I did alright. I wish had two more shots–specific ones–for the end. But, alas.

Surprisingly, my favorite part was Color Correcting. I was able to sit and focus on the images for a while and discover their potential. Even though most of the final cut was according to my expectation, there were a lot of surprises. And considering how bad the lighting and the colors were in the raw footage–not to mention some of the focus problems–I’m quite pleased at how good the movie looks.

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  • Sofia

    How did you light this? From what I can tell, it looks like you used natural lighting and you did it beautifully. Definitely kept the right feel throughout the entirety of the music video. Well done.

    • Matty Sullivan

      You’re right! I had the light kit, but no one to work it. I just left it unopened, because I was afraid of losing my actors’ attention.

      Thanks for the kind words!

      • Hales

        This was amazing, and the handheld only made the ambience that much stronger. As Sofia said, the lighting is amazing. I am so glad you and Matty and your performers were able to get this and put it together.

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